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Seoul Korea


Korea, in Northeast Asia is a nation that boasts a fast growing economy and a lifestyle that brings together the old and the new. Despite their strong enthusiasm for modernization and globalization, Koreans still greatly value their 5,000 years of history and beautiful nature, making the country an attractive destination for business travelers and vacationers alike. Korea has proved its economic growth and international competence as a global leader to the world, hosting numerous international events including the Olympic Games, the FIFA World Cup, the G20 Seoul Summit and the Nuclear Security Summit. It is also home to many world-renowned artists and athletes, as world champion figure skater Yu-Na Kim and singer and rapper PSY who created an international sensation with 'Gangnam Style', 'Hallyu' also known as the 'Korean Wave', is Korean pop and traditional culture, growing its popularity overseas. Famous spots that appeared in Korean dramas and movies attract foreign visitors all year around. Korea's long heritage and inspiring scenery impress all visitors with its uniqueness and charm.


Hansik (Korean cuisine) is a healthy and well balanced meal composed of fresh and natural ingredients. Most vegetables are lightly blanched, therefore retaining most of their natural nutrients, and boiled or steamed meats are low in fat and calorie. Due to such natural ingredients and healthy cooking methods, hansik corresponds to today’s healthy lifestyle. Additionally, traditional sauces and seasonings, kimchi and jeotgal (salted seafood), which need to be fermented for long periods of time, are typical slow food.


Korea has four distinct seasons and offers assorted natural beauty. Colorful flowers embroider the country in spring and mountains and seas are lively during summer. Autumn is decorated with fall foliage and winter sports are offered on white snow. Any season is the best season for your trip.


Visitors will discover its rich natural beauty combined with a unique cultural and historical heritage. Korea’s Cultural Heritage conveys a genuine sentiment of simplicity of peacefulness. Hallyu, also known as Korean Wave, refers to the Korean pop culture phenomenon that is gaining great popularity around the world. It began with Korean dramas and movies garnering popularity in Asia, but in recent years, Korean pop music has become popular around the world.


Welcome to Korea's capital a city that treasures its 600 years of tradition while embracing the future, as a world leader in information technology. Here, you will find a harmony of the past and present, history and future, while culture, economy, environment, creative imagination and innovation thrive in this ever-changing city. Seoul is a global city that blends the culture of yesterday with the trends of today and the hopes of tomorrow. For more information in Seoul, please visit the Seoul Metropolitan Government's official tourism information site. (english.visitseoul.net)


Seoul has been selected as the 3rd must-visit tourist destination by the New York Times, is an exotic place with old traditions and modern trends coexisting in harmony. With a population of more than 10 million, Seoul is graced by the Han River that flows through the center of the city and the majestic Mt. Namsan that overlooks the whole city. The city has greatly expanded in the process of urbanization and industrialization.